Not Only in Venice or Brasilia but Even in Montesilvano

Tomorrow comes “Martedi Grasso”, or Fat Tuesday and that means the end of the Carnival season in Italy. Of course, the most glamorous Italian carnival takes place in Venice but there are also local carnival events all over Italy. In Abruzzo, one of the most famous carnival processions takes place every year in Francavilla al Mare and sometimes in Pescara.

This year, my town Montesilvano picked up the baton. The event took place yesterday near the railway station. When I arrived there at 4 p.m., I was surprised to see crowds of people with children in carnival costumes. Unlike Venice, the main actors in local carnivals are children. I’ve never seen so many people in Montesilvano, especially, in winter. Children were very busy throwing about confetti and playing with balloons which they fished out from the fountain pool. Little girls stood in line in order to put a special carnival make-up on their pretty faces.

The highlight of the programme was a show performed by Brazilian dancers. Notwithstanding a rather cold weather, beautiful girls in bikini executed very inflammatory dances. Spectators were very glad, especially, male ones.

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