Looking down at Milan from the Duomo’s Roof

After observing the interior of the Milan’s cathedral, we hurried to its roof because I was afraid that it would be very hot upstairs. The ticket office is situated in another building behind the Duomo and the entrance to the roof is from its north side. There are two opportunities to go to the roof, you can choose to walk up the stairs or take an elevator for a higher price. We chose to go on foot in order to feel ourselves as the medieaval people. The staircase was fairly broad and not so steep but nonetheless it wasn’t very easy to climb up the roof. However, on foot or in the lift, it is worth the effort. Breathtaking in both literal and figurative senses of the word.
There are two tiers of the roof. The first terrace goes around the roof and you can admire a Gothic forest of openwork pinnacles, spires, buttresses and biforas.
I’m fond of climbing on churches’ roofs but I’ve never met such a fascinating art work before.
When we came to the upper terrace, we saw a lot of people there. They were strolling around, sitting and even lying on the sloping roof.

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