The Gothic World of Milan’s Duomo


As I wrote in the previous post, we first saw the Duomo when it was under reconstruction which lasted several years. So when we visited Milan for the second time, we observed the Duomo in all its primeval glory. Though the Duomo of Milan is one of the largest Cathedrals in the world, it doesn’t look inhumanly huge. Unlike, early Gothic churches the marble façade isn’t flat and dull. It is decorated by countless numbers of statues, pinnacles and bas-relieves which conceal its dimensions. One more surprise, this intricate decoration doesn’t seem excessive. The whole construction doesn’t look like a luscious wedding cake. I wished to make a picture of every single element but it was quite impossible. My friend was luckier, since he could capture the panorama and details with his video camera. Still more amazing fact about the Duomo is that despite of 6 centuries of continuing building and reconstruction works the main façade doesn’t look very eclectic.

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