Slow Walking by the Sea

By Santatatiana

July 15, 2012

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Since I live near the Adriatic Sea, my favorite thing to do is walking slowly on the beach knee-deep in water. Not all the sea shores are good for such walking. The Croatia shore of Adriatic is very rocky and you can’t walk in water without special beach shoes with spikes. Though, the sea there is incredibly turquoise and transparent. It’s very deep and I was amused to swim away from the beach and watch the shoals of fish below me.

Italian coast of Adriatic is sloping and sandy. The golden sand is so fine that it doesn’t hurt you if gets in into the shoes. There is only one problem, the sea is very shallow and that is why I don’t like to swim here. It seems that I’m not alone in this attitude, since very few people swim in the sea but many of them use to make long walks by the sea, usually several miles a day. Another great thing about the beach is that it isn’t fenced and you can walk for many miles without meeting any obstacle. Quite often you can meet joggers of all ages. The beach is also a great place to make yoga, fitness and aerobics outdoors. Kids enjoy flying kites which send Chinese beach vendors.

The best time to walk on the beach is very early in the morning or after the sunset. It’s a pity that we can’t enjoy spectacular sunsets on the western side of the Adriatic. I prefer to arrive at 7 o’clock and there are already many early birds on the beach. I’m always amused to see small companies of elderly signors and signoras walking in the water and discussing vividly their last family news. Some of old ladies gather shells which they will use to mix with pasta. Grandfathers with children are engaged in fishing or picking crabs near big black stones which serve as breakwater. The sea is so clean here that almost all seafood is edible. Since walk by the beach almost every day during 5 summers I’ve become acquainted with quite a few haunters of the beach, locals and holidaymakers from the North of Italy. The Northerners use to come here for decades.

Walking by the sea proved to be very good for meditating or reflection. Many ideas for posts came to my mind during these tranquil slow walks. My friend use to call the beach “a coast of smart thoughts”. I love walking by the sea in winter, as well. Then, the landscape is quite different. Multicolored umbrellas of private beaches are taken away; very few cafes are open and almost no people on weekdays. It seems that the endless beach and boundless sea belongs only to me…

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4 Responses to “Slow Walking by the Sea”

  1. Отличный пляж! Отели на уровне, но народа не так уж много. Словом – заманчиво. Спасибо автору!

    • Спасибо за комментарий! Как раз на фото можно увидеть отели, которые здесь помпезно называются Гранд-отели. Вполне приличные. Так что ждем в гости!

  2. По такому пляжу можно не только медленно ходить, но и быстро бегать. Это ещё полезнее.

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