Start Visiting Museums of Viterbo with the City Museum

After visiting the National Etruscan Museum, I was rather disappointed because we didn’t see beautiful artifacts described in the tourist guide of Viterbo. But very soon I realized my mistake. We should go to the Museo Civico, City Museum of Viterbo. We went there the next day.

It is situated outside the city wall in the former convent of Santa Maria della Verita just few steps from the Porta della Verita.

We arrived in the museum an hour before the closing and had a very busy time observing its rich collection. Unfortunately, the beautiful cloister which hosts a big exposition of Etruscan tombs was already benighted. We could only discern contours of a square courtyard encircled with a covered gallery.

We were lucky to be the only visitors in the museum and could slowly enjoy its treasures. The museum consists of the archeological section presenting finds from Etruscan and Roman sites and the Pinacoteca.

My favorite artifact is a marble sphinx with a sad, very human face. On its basement, it is carved the inscription “HOC OPUS FECIT FR. PASCALIS ROMAN ORD PD AD/MCCLXXXVI”, which means “made by Pascalis Roman in 1286”. Formerly, it was a part of a funeral tomb in the church of Santa Maria in Gradi.

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  1. Как похож на нас! Или мы на него?

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