The National Etruscan Museum in Viterbo

The National Etruscan Museum is situated on the Piazza della Rocca near the Porta Fiorentina. The museum is located in the mighty medieaval fortress Rocca Albornoz.

The Rocca, citadel, was constructed by Cardinal Egidio Albornoz in 1354. It was built not only for defensive needs but also as a residence of Popes. Its modern, rather austere appearance has been the result of many reconstructions undertaken on requests of Popes. The last one took place after heavy damages during World War II. In the 16th century, Pope Paul III added an open loggia to the front of the building which now serves as an excellent lookout.

In 1475, Pope Sixtus IV invited the famous architect Bramante to create the courtyard with a fountain.

Today the spacious Renaissance courtyard hosts fragments of columns, capitals and mossy Etruscan tombs which reminded me the lines from Emily Dickinson. “Until the Moss had reached our lips – And covered up – our names”.

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