How to Make the Most of Your Ravenna Trip, Ultimate Tips

We stayed in Ravenna almost three days and managed to visit very thoroughly six of eight World Heritage Sites. It’s quite feasible to hit them all in three days provided good travel planning.

Besides World Heritage Sites, we visited some more mediaeval places.

The magnificent Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist was built by Galla Placidia in 426. The Empress commissioned the church in fulfillment of a vow made in 423, when she and her children were caught in a storm on the Adriatic Sea. The dedicatory inscription says, “Galla Placidia, along with her son Placidus Valentinian Augustus and her daughter Justa Grata Honoria Augusta, paid off their vow for their liberation from the danger of the sea.”

The other must visit sight is the Duomo, Cathedral of Ravenna, is situated on the site of the famous Basilica Ursiana, called after its founder Bishop Orso.

Read ultimate tips, see more photos…

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6 Responses to “How to Make the Most of Your Ravenna Trip, Ultimate Tips”

  1. Very nice as i didn’t realise that she had built this Basilica and that it still stands. It’s so neat to actually see buildings that still exist from that era in the 400’s A.D. as it’s like a time capsule.

    Tatiana, i wonder if the former roman emperial palace at ravenna still exist’s or has it long been replaced ? I thought that i read somewhere about how Theodoric the Great (ostrogoth italian ruler 493-526 A.D.) was tearing down roman buildings and then constructing his own after the empire had fallen?

    • Yes, Mike, Ravenna is a fascinating city and I agree with you that it’s a sort of a time capsule. When walking about the city you feel like being back in the Roman Empire.
      Unfortunately, the palace of Galla Placidia doesn’t exist now. According to the Britannica, its remains have been found under Basilica of S. Croce.
      I guess, you’ve been in Ravenna and admired the Placidia’s Mausoleum.

  2. No i’ve never been to Ravenna as that’s one of the reasons why i find your blogs extremely interesting as well as informative although i have been to Iitaly as that was during the mid 1980’s when i was in the U.S. Navy as we regularly visited Naples and Gaeta back then. Also my mom’s side is Italian (Sicily) as i assume that’s why i can tan very easy whenever i go out into the sun and not burn like my dad who’s side is British (lol).

  3. Thank you, Mike for your sincere and kind words! I do badly need support and approval to continue blogging.
    So, you’ve got Italian roots! Love to Italy is in your genes.
    But why haven’t you visited Italy for so long? I guess that today you are not already US marine? What do you do now?

  4. Витербо – интересно, Равенна интересна и красива не меньше. Не видели? Поезжайте!

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