Abruzzo Snow Hits in 1956 and 2012

Yesterday I read a very interesting article “The snowfall of winter 1956” by P.Badia. It struck me how this snowfall is similar to that of 1956. As in 1956, this winter was very mild and even on January 21st, it was +14. But there were severe storms with lightning and thunder all the January. An extremely strong wind howled ominously like a giant beast. I felt that those wild tempests boded something extraordinary. I was afraid of the earthquake. In fact, there were several earth tremors in the North of Italy on January 25. As in 1956, snowfalls started in the North and reached Abruzzo at the very beginning of February. Hope that the winter won’t last till the end of March, as in 1956!
Today, I ventured to go to a supermarket. When I opened our back door, I saw almost untouched snow with few deep footprints. A small car was left in the center of the yard. The snow was nearly 0.5 meters high. This morning Bodach of aboutabruzzo.com wrote me from Loreto Aprutino, situated 20 km inland from Montesilvano, that they were “enjoying” about a meter of snow fall. But even with half a meter, it was not so very comfortable to move about since the snow was very wet and friable. On the roads, there were already rather deep puddles.
There were very many broken pine trees since their umbrella crowns can’t hold heavy snow. I noticed a man standing perplexed near his car which was completely buried under broken branches. Fortunately, it wasn’t seriously hurt.
There were surprisingly many people in the streets. Usually, the streets are empty but the roads are full of cars. Today it was vice versa. I didn’t expect that so many people live in Montesilvano Marina in winter. Folks were very busy cleaning snow in front of their houses, digging out cars and trying to start an engine. Many families with kids went shopping. It was rather difficult to move in the main street because pavements here are very narrow and, of course, they were covered with deep snow.
Apart from temporary difficulties, there are certain pleasures as well.
Snow views are stunning. I can’t stop making photos of snow.
I noticed that these days nearly everybody, even complete strangers, greet me heartedly. It seems that the snow blockade has drawn people closer to each other.
I was happy to see that the little orange tree has survived the severe weather and kept its golden fruits on the branches.

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