Great Fun in Pescara after the Record Snowfall

By Santatatiana

February 11, 2012

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Category: Abruzzo


Yesterday Abruzzo region was strongly hit by snowfall. In fact, it was snowing all day long. Old-timers say, it was the record snowstorm since 1956.

This morning was sunny and bright, so I decided to go to nearby Pescara to make historic shots. It was very strange to see Pescara covered by snow. There was a lot of people in Corso Umberto, as if it was a big holiday. When I came to the lungomare, seafront, I was astonished to see crowds of people in the beach. They enjoyed the snow and the bright weather. Especially, children were happy to play with snow. Adults and kids played at snowballs, made fancy snowmen, took pictures.

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2 Responses to “Great Fun in Pescara after the Record Snowfall”

  1. Да, конечно это снимки-шедевры. Через сколько лет повторится такая сказка?! Долго нужно будет ждать повторения такого обилия снега!

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