One More Snow Walk in Abruzzo

By Santatatiana

February 8, 2012

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This morning, I suddenly saw that water was dripping down from the roof. So I decided to go to the beach. Surprisingly enough, my bus arrived very quickly. On my way to the beach, I saw two youngsters who were cleaning the snow! At least, they were holding spades. They appeared to be volunteers at the Protezione Civile.

The sea was stormy. I admired the scenery of heavy waves breaking against big stones. The snow near the water has already melted. I made my usual stroll along the beach. Fishing boats were laid up. The coast was empty, except one brave cyclist and his dog. I was very sorry to see several dead seagulls.

I reached the big pier at the end of the beach. Though it was rather misty, I managed to make some shots of surrounding hills. It is possible to recognize distant silhouettes of hilltowns – Citta Sant’Angello and Silvi Paese.

Today it is already +7. I hope that the snow is melting away. Roads are almost dry. What we need, is a good rain which will thaw the snow.

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2 Responses to “One More Snow Walk in Abruzzo”

  1. Белое Абруццо – уникально! Море и снег в Италии – экзотика! Хотя для жителей это если не драма, то уж явное неудобство и дискомфорт. Но люди сами “достукались” до этого. Природа не прощает насилия.

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