Ravenna, the World Capital of Mosaics

I have launched a new blog “Mediaeval Walks”! In my new blog, I want to write about stunning mediaeval places “beyond Abruzzo” in Italy, Russia and Europe. I will press here brief notices about new posts.

Ravenna was a thriving city in the Dark Ages. It is striking that Ravenna became several times a capital of Roman and Gothic states. In 402, Emperor Honorius transferred the capital of the Western Roman Empire from Milan to Ravenna. It remained the capital until the Western Empire collapsed in 476, leaving Constantinople the only capital of the Roman world.

Eight early Christian monuments of Ravenna are included in the World Heritage List.

Neonian Baptistery (c. 430);

Mausoleum of Galla Placidia (c. 430);

Arian Baptistry (c. 500);

Archiepiscopal Chapel (c. 500);

Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo (c. 500);

Mausoleum of Theodoric (520);

Basilica of San Vitale (548);

Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe (549).

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2 Responses to “Ravenna, the World Capital of Mosaics”

  1. Thanks for this interesting information Tatiana. We just saw the mosaics in the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna and visited Dante’s tomb but missed this precious gem. Definitely have to get back there to see the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia – it is spectacular inside. Your new blog Mediaeval Walks looks great! I like the fact that you can put up a lot more of your photos on it.

    • Thank you very much, Nora! It’s a pity that you didn’t visit the mausoleum, but it would be great to visit Ravenna again! Yes, now I can put more photos in my new blog and make links to it here.

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