Welcome to Abruzzo – Terra Incognita

By Santatatiana

June 28, 2011

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A year ago I’ve launched the Russian website “Abruzzo – Terra Incognita”. The idea behind this undertaking was to spread the word about beautiful but still unknown Abruzzo in the Russian Internet community. I wanted to systemize the information which was already published in my blogs about Abruzzo.

My friend Nora, an author of the beautiful blog “Enchanting Italy” told me last summer that it would be a good idea to make an English version, as well. She managed to read the Russian content by means of Google translator. Not only she encouraged me to translate the website but took an active part in editing the translation. All the winter we worked together on the English version. Another person who made a major contribution to generating the English version is my colleague Andrew who administers my website. And one more person whom I’d like to mention is my friend Sergio who gives me a lot of moral and intellectual support. By the way, it was he who proposed to title the website “Abruzzo – Terra Incognita”. So he has been a kind of godfather.

I hope that the English clone of “Abruzzo – Terra Incognita” will succeed in attracting fans and amateurs of Italy to Abruzzo. I’m pretty sure that once a person comes to this marvelous place he (or she) will inevitably fall in love with Abruzzo and return here again and again. The same thing has already happened to me and Nora’s family. One more enchanted person is mysterious Bodach who writes about Abruzzo in his very interesting blog. And I know quite a few persons who couldn’t resist the magic charm of Abruzzian nature, tiny mediaeval hilltowns, ancient traditions and good-natured people.


2 Responses to “Welcome to Abruzzo – Terra Incognita”

  1. Ciao Tatiana, I’m delighted to see the English version of your wonderful site Terra Incognita finally online today! It looks fantastic and I’m sure that it will attract a lot more people to the beautiful region of Abruzzo. Well done, you’ve put a lot of hard work into this!
    Tante belle cose,

  2. Thank you, carissima Nora! We both worked hard on the English version. Grazie mille! Baci e abbraci a tutti.

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