La Madonna che scappa in piazza

Happy Easter!

Throughout Italy, there are colorful Easter processions. On Easter morning the central square of the ancient city of Sulmona (Abruzzo), traditionally holds the picturesque procession of  “Madonna Escaping from Square.”

Young people in light-green robes, solemnly and sorrowfully bear on their shoulders a litter with the statue of Madonna in mourning clothes. Suddenly they accelerate their move and then start to run, and at that moment Madonna’s mourning veil falls and white doves flutter out. Now Madonna is vested in a festive pale-green gown with golden embroidery.

This ancient tradition means the meeting of Madonna and the resurrected Christ. At the beginning of the ceremony Madonna still does not believe in a miracle of resurrection and therefore is dressed in mourning, but eventually she realizes that her son had risen and rapidly ran to meet him…

Photo credit  dott. Franco Stanzione


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