Saint Tatiana’s Feast

Today in Russia is widely celebrated the Day of Saint Tatiana. The matter is that Saint Tatiana is not only a patron of ladies named Tatiana but all the Russian students as well. One and the only church dedicated to Saint Tatiana is situated near the Moscow University. The Russian Empress Elisabeth had signed the decree about founding the Moscow University just at Saint Tatiana’s Day on 25 January, 1755.

This day is very special for me because my name is Tatiana and I’ve chosen a nickname SanTatiana because Saint Tatiana is my saint patron.

St. Tatiana was a daughter of wealthy Roman, who brought her up in the Christian faith. When Tatiana came of age, she grew indifferent to her wealth and other material benefits, and with all her heart came to love the religious life. She renounced forever entering into married life, and in view of her virtuous way of life, was appointed a deaconess of the Roman church. In that capacity, she cared for the sick, visited prisons, helped the indigent, and strove to ever please God with prayer and good works..

In about 225, during the reign of Emperor Alexander Severus (A.D. 222-235), and at the orders of the city ruler Ulpian, St. Tatiana was martyred for her confession of Jesus Christ. According to an ancient account, St. Tatiana was subjected to various tortures and then cast into the Colosseum arena to be torn apart by a fierce lion. However, instead of doing so, the lion meekly cuddled up against her. Then Tatiana was beheaded with a sword.


8 Responses to “Saint Tatiana’s Feast”

  1. Buon onomastico Tatiana!

  2. Grazie mille, carissima Nora!

  3. Santa Tatiana! Belissimo!
    Великолепно Татьяна! Спасибо за эти произведения и вкус к истории Италии!

  4. Очень рада, что Вам нравится! Спасибо

  5. My name is tatiana

  6. My name is Tatjana and I was born on January 25. Could it mean something?

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