The Magic Square of San Pietro’s Church

I would like to reveal an ancient secret of the church of  San Pietro ad Oratorium. In fact this secret is much older than the church itself. If you look to the left from the main portal you’ll notice a rectangular stone plate inserted into the wall. The plate has been borrowed from an early building of  IX century. It is so called magic square. It is formed by five words consisting of five letters which can be read from the left to the right, from the right to the left, top-down and and bottom-up. These five words “rotas-opera-tenet-arepo-sator” mean “everywhere-operates-holds-plow-sower”.
This apparently worldly phrase has been variously interpreted for centuries, and some researchers believed that they conceal an anagram of “Pater Noster”. It could be also a reference to the fact that the territory where the church is situated has been called, Araturo.
I’ve found out that there is a rather rich collection of video dedicated to this magic square at Youtube.


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