The Mountain Beauty Sulmona

One of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Abruzzo – Sulmona is situated at a distance of 180 km from Rome. You can drive there on the highway Rome-Pescara in less than two hours. The road from Rome to Pescara goes through the Apennine Mountains and is one of the most picturesque in Italy.

Sulmona is comfortably situated in the Valle Peligna (400 m above sea level) among the highest mountains of the Apennine peninsula – Majella, Morrone and Sirente. This valley is also called the Conca di Sulmona, i.e. bowl (basin) of Sulmona. In ancient times there was a huge mountain lake in the middle of which was situated an island (now San Cosimo). A series of natural disasters (floods and earthquakes) had destroyed a narrow bridge between the lake and the canyon and formed a runoff from the lake in the valley of the river Pescara. Only the name of the valley – Peligna, i.e. slimy reminds about the former lake.
I am so interested in the physical geography of Sulmona because I want to find a rational explanation to its magical beauty. When I walk about Sulmona, it seems that every street leads to the mountains. They surround the city as a majestic decoration for the ancient drama.


2 Responses to “The Mountain Beauty Sulmona”

  1. Райские места! Всё тут есть: земля, вода, море, лес, и главное – люди, умеющие любить и хранить старину и друг друга потому, что иного они не представляют. Viva Italiy !

  2. Спасибо за комментарий. Действительно, Абруццо – уголок рая на земле.

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