Hill Towns in Abruzzo

By Santatatiana

March 16, 2010

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My favorable sites in Abruzzo are hill towns. When I see just another hill town I always remember a game “King of the hill” which we used to play in the childhood. Due to peculiarity of its relief, Abruzzo is especially rich in hills. Whenever you travel about Adriatic seaboard your eyes are always attracted to clear-cut silhouettes of small boroughs which sit at the top of a hill. Characteristic features of these boroughs are a very high belfry and remnants of medieval fortifications.

In former times people used to settle at the hills for defensive reasons. The coastline had been populated only in recent centuries. As a result the Adriatic towns have a sort of double structure. An ancient town is situated uphill and a word “alto” (upper) or “colli” (hill) is added to its name. A new one is situated at the seaside and is referred as “marina” or “spiagga”.


4 Responses to “Hill Towns in Abruzzo”

  1. Curious which town is in the photo? Molto bello!

    Stephen Mark Ulissi

  2. I too am curious as to which town this is. Great photo!

  3. Thank you!
    Silvi Alto is fabulous. It dominates the surroundings. When I’m walking by the sea in my town of Montesilvano, I can see two stunning hilltowns at once: Silvi Alto and Citta Sant’Angelo.

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