The Borough of Scanno

By Santatatiana

March 4, 2010

Category: Abruzzo


Scanno is a small town with only 2.043 residents (01/2010). Nonetheless it is the most important, ancient and beautiful town in the Scanno area. It is included in the Club of the most beautiful boroughs of Italy. The club consists of nearly 200 members-towns selected according to the following criteria: integrity of urban fabrics, architectonic harmony, borough’s viability, artistic and historic quality of public and private buildings and availability of services.

Scanno’s origins are still vague and obscure. Archeological findings witness that it had been existing in the Roman epoch. Even nowadays its name is not yet decoded. There are many legends connected with the Roman word Scamnum. Best of all I like an interpretation that Scamnum means a border which divided titles of land property granted to Roman centurions after they had conquered the territory. The most ancient written mentioning of Scanno refers to 1067.

Since ancient times the locality was supposed to be a place of recreation and holidays. Today the Scanno area is a famous tourist center which presents various types of holiday activities all year round. The tourists enjoy sightseeing picturesque boroughs and magnificent nature, mountain skiing, tracking and cycling. The Scanno Lake gives an excellent opportunity for swimming, surfing and canoeing.

A really impressive view of Scanno is to be taken from the neighboring mountains.



2 Responses to “The Borough of Scanno”

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  2. […] above the Scanno Lake (1260 m above sea level) there is situated a very interesting district of the borough of Scanno. In order to get there we drove about a quarter of an hour along a narrow serpentine road. The main […]

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