Spring in the Mountains

Last Sunday I spent a day of my life in Abruzzian mountains. It seems that I’ve left my heart there. As Robert Burns wrote: “My heart in the highlands. My heart is not here. My heart in the highlands a-chasing the deer”. By the way it’s still possible to meet an Abruzzian deer (camoscia) in the mountains. At least road signs warn about such an opportunity. I haven’t met a deer last time but I’ve seen mountain horses, asses, geese and ducks.

My friend and I have visited the lake Scanno and two medieval towns Scanno and Villalago. I was really enchanted by two little churches which stand nearly in the water. I am still systemizing lots of photos but I can’t stand a temptation to post a picture of Majella mountains. I was struck by the contrast between an almond tree in full blossom and mountain peaks covered by heavy snow.


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