The Sea Bridge

Walking along the Pescara beach one can observe something that strongly resembles an UFO. As a matter of fact this is a brand new bridge over the mouth of the Pescara river, which flows into the Adriatic Sea. It was inaugurated on the 8th of December 2009. The most remarkable thing about the bridge is that it is intended for walking, cycling and admiring panoramic views that open up at every step. After several dozens of meters the bridge divides into two sleeves, so that pedestrians and cyclists move on separate bridges (440 m and 465 m long), without interfering with each other. I have taken this picture from the point of splitting the bridge. You can see more pictures of the bridge.

The Ponte del Mare (the Sea Bridge) is an important part of the Corridoio Verde Adriatico. The Green Adriatic Corridor is a 1,000 km long cycling track which stretches from the north of Italy – Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna) to the extreme south – Santa Maria di Leuca (Apulia).


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