Sightseeing in Pescara: Corso Umberto I

By Santatatiana

February 25, 2010

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Abruzzo consists of four provinces: Aquilla, Pescara, Chieti and Teramo. The capital of the Abruzzo region is ancient Aquilla, which has terribly suffered from a disastrous earthquake last April. Another important administrative center is Pescara. The latter is a rather young town, by Italian standards, but due to its lucky geographic position, strives to become an important transport hub. The most visual evidence of Pesacara’s ambitions is an incredibly huge railway station, which connects Pescara with Rome and Italian North and South. Pescara also hosts an international airport and a sea port. That is why Pescara is a real gateway to Abruzzo.

If you arrive in Pescara by train you’ll find yourself right in the center of the city and won’t miss a chance to go sightseeing immediately. Just opposite the station starts the main pedestrian street – Corso Umberto I with its luxurious boutiques and elegant cafés. All city events, such as festivals, concerts and fairs take place in its main square. In fact an official name of the square is la Piazza della Rinascita (the Renaissance Square), but local inhabitants call it simply il Salotto, i.e. a “lounge”. Less than two weeks ago there was a very picturesque carnival procession.


One Response to “Sightseeing in Pescara: Corso Umberto I”

  1. Complimenti!! A trip up to coast to Giulianova ( is also worth the effort.

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