The Mediterranean’s Green Heart

One third of Abruzzo’s territory is occupied by natural reserves. This makes Abruzzo the biggest natural area in Europe: the real green heart of the Mediterranean. Abruzzo hosts more than thirty natural parks and reserves. First of all three National Parks (Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso, Parco Nazionale della Majella и Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo Lazio e Molise), one Regional (Park Parco Naturale regionale del Sirente-Velino and about 30 Natural Reserves). The lion’s share of these green treasures is to be found in the mountains, where the landscapes and ecosystems change according to altitude, shifting from typically Mediterranean milieus to outright alpine scenarios, with mugo pine groves and high-altitude steppe. A huge number of animals and plants, once widespread in the entire Apennine, have found a final natural refuge in Abruzzo, thus avoiding extinction. Today 75% of all Europe’s flora andspecies are represented in this region!

2 Responses to “The Mediterranean’s Green Heart”

  1. Congratulations with opening English blog on Italy! I find very beautiful views and interesting, informative descriptions here. The nature in the region of Abruzzo seems to be impressive. I will be looking forward to seeing and knowing more about this region. Thank you.

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