Abruzzo in Time and Space

By Santatatiana

February 19, 2010

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Abruzzo really has a very special relation with time. As I’ve already mentioned many ancient towns and castles stay almost intact since the Middle Ages. However not only sleepy mountain boroughs but modern seaside cities have their slow calm pace. While living in Abruzzo one begins to realize that permanent fuss and tension of great capitals have nothing to do with a real life and very naturally starts downshifting.

Through all the Italian history Abruzzo invariably stayed as a thing in itself. Great historic perturbations which always shook the Apennine Peninsula hardly hurt Abruzzo. Historic folios contain very scanty mentioning of the region. However, modern tourist guides very often miss information about Abruzzo, too.

It seems that Abruzzo is a kind of bewitched world and a traveler can find way if only knows a magic word! Meantime Abruzzo is a rather large region which is situated in the center of Italy some 50 kilometers away from Rome. It takes about two hours to reach its modern administrative center Pescara. For me the road from Rome to Pescara is one of the most picturesque in Italy.


One Response to “Abruzzo in Time and Space”

  1. If would not come across this blog, perhaps, I would not never travel to Abruzzo. Now I am also getting in love with Abruzzo. Attracted by beautiful nature and great history of this region, I intend to visit it with my friends.

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